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Forest School

Forest School is based on the belief that all children have the right to play and the right to access the outdoors (preferably in a woodland setting). Its ethos is that by being child-led it will encourage an inquisitiveness of nature and the natural world we live in.

Children experience a range of emotions, an increased readiness to take risks and ultimately develop the resilience, creativity, social, emotional and team building skills needed to allow them to reach their potential.

Here are some quotes from children about Forest School:

“I learnt how to light a fire. I’ve never done it before. You need wood, oxygen and something to light it.” Billy
“I’ve learnt what you need to do round camp fires. You need to kneel so it’s safer and easier to move.” Charlotte
“All the activities have been fun. Thank you!” Grace
“I enjoyed hide and seek in the woods because you get to explore.” Lacey
“If you catch on fire you need to STOP, DROP and ROLL!” Megan
“I’ve enjoyed running around in the wood and exploring because it was fun playing games.” Mollie

“Rosie is really kind and will help you when you need ideas.” Nevaeh
“I learnt how to make a den. You need to make it stable so it stays up.” Olivia
“I learnt how to roast a marshmallow well. The key is to put in on the edge of the fire and twist it around slowly.” Rocco
“Roasting marshmallows was the best part!” Scarlett
“Making my underground den was the best part, because it was easy once I had done a lot of thinking.” Seth