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SATs Results


We routinely internally assess and level our children to ensure they make the progress we expect of them.  This ensures that if they need help action can be taken to ensure they get back on track.  We also have more formal SATs assessments in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6 every summer.

We aim for all our children to achieve their potential, and during the year we will be continuing to support and guide them to reach this.

As always, we appreciate parents/carers supporting their children’s learning at home, and if parents or carers would like more specific details about their own children, they should not hesitate to contact their child’s teacher.


KS2 SATs results 2019

Percentage of pupils achieving the expected standard in English reading, English writing and mathematics71%
Percentage of pupils achieving a higher standard in English reading, English writing and mathematics13%
Pupils’ average scaled score in English reading103
Pupils’ average scaled score in mathematics107
Progress score in reading-0.9
Progress score in writing1.4
Progress score in maths2.4


KS2 Performance Tables

If you would like to view our school’s latest published KS2 performance tables, please visit the Department for Education’s website from here.  To compare with other schools please click here.