Why our curriculum?

Across Scapegoat Hill and Linthwaite Clough Federation we work hard to ensure children have a happy and successful education.  We aim for our children to leave us with the confidence to face future challenges head on, in the knowledge that learning from mistakes and ‘having a go’ are all part of their learning journey. Our children are resilient and creative, having spent their primary years in an environment that is rich, inclusive and safe.

Our children thrive from the wide range of opportunities that nurture high expectations and raise aspirations. Careful planning, adapted to the unique school setting, provides experiences that are relevant and challenging for all children.

The high quality teaching of knowledge, skills and understanding in core subjects is seen as fundamental to children achieving their full potential. Foundation subjects are valued as equally important as they give rise to opportunities for children to succeed in areas other than academia. We have children who are destined to be great dancers, historians, computer programmers, engineers and scientists. This can be particularly important to those who find writing, maths and reading more challenging. All children are challenged to push themselves, taking ownership of and reflect on their own learning.

Reading has long been a strength across SLC Federation. Instilling a joy of reading in our children is highly valued. Equally, it is vital for successful learning in all subjects.  Whether it be reading a book, comic, newspaper or internet, reading will always be encouraged. Enriching reading experiences include Year 6 Reading Champions, visits to the local bookshop, whole school CCL, Learning Festivals and taking books home to share with family and friends.

We pride ourselves on our unique delivery of all subjects, meeting the statutory requirements, through discrete whole class lessons, Confident Creative Learning sessions (CCL), work with small groups and individuals on a one to one basis. We use these times to ensure support meets the individual needs of each child and assessment of progress and achievements is rigorous and appropriate.

We are reflective in our curriculum design, allowing for flexibility in response to the needs of the children and local or national initiatives.  Keeping up to date with current affairs, environmental and local issues supports a holistic approach to the children’s education. Vital to becoming adults who contribute successfully in today’s society.

In our ever-diversifying world, we strive to enrich children’s cultural capital. We aim to embed a sense of belonging, and teach British values and traditions whilst developing an understanding and respect of the beliefs and cultures of others.

Our curriculum endeavours to inspire a love of the arts through drama, books, art and music. Drawing on the skills of teachers and support staff, children are exposed to cultural and ethnic diversity reflecting the changing world around them, and avenues that are open to them. Educational visits, visitors into school, connections with local charities and community groups deepen their appreciation of the world around them.