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Behaviour Curriculum

Our behaviour curriculum

The intent of our behaviour curriculum is to ensure children have been taught ‘how things are done’ in school, the local community and the wider world.

Across our Federation, we are constantly seeking opportunities to support our children’s behaviour both in and outside of school.

In establishing our behaviour curriculum we considered:

  • How our behavioural standards reflect our school’s values
  • What successful behaviour looks like in our school and how we share this with key stakeholders
  • How we use routines and habits to reinforce and teach expected behaviours
  • How we adjust the standards and routines for pupils with additional needs

At the beginning of every academic year, each class creates a list of up to five rules. These rules highlighting the expected behaviour in class in a positive way. The rules might include

  • listening to each other respectfully,
  • being honest at all times,
  • tidy up after yourself,
  • be kind to others,
  • complete your work to the best of your ability.

The class then decide on a number of rewards that can be access if the rules have been followed well in a lesson, The rewards may include five minutes drawing in their ‘doodle books’, extra play time or time on a laptop.

Our behaviour curriculum also teaches children that there are consequences if the rules are not followed – for example a reduction in playtime, or completion of work not done before having the privilege of choosing their learning in CCL.

Following a recent parental survey, over 95% of parents indicated they believe behaviour in school is good.


The children have an opportunity to ask questions and try on PC Hunt’s Hat.

Enhancing the behaviour curriculum

Opportunities that enhance out safeguarding and the national curriculum include working closely with our PCSOs, PC Hunt.

PC Hunt comes into school to speak to the children about issues that mat worry them or potentially impact on them as they move to high school and beyond. Here we see PC hunt talking to the children about the dangers of knife crime.

Question and answer time