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Cultural Capital

When we talk about cultural capital for our children we consider two things, first, opportunities that are intrinsic in our curriculum, for example the books the class teacher chooses to read or the art we study, trying different foods from around the world, listening to a wide range of music from different cultures and countries or costumes in role play. Secondly, the opportunities that are extra to our national curriculum offer – educational visits, visitors into school – poets, authors, book fairs etc.


Studying sculpture at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Each of these opportunities raises children’s cultural capital and aspirations. As these opportunities are generally outside the children’s ‘everyday’ lives and experiences, means we facilitate children in developing an appreciation of human creativity and achievement, historically, in the present and in the future.





A visit to York’s chocolate experience

Year 5/ 6 children learn first hand what it is like to make and work with chocolate, its history and origins of chocolate.